Define Queen

Are we throwing femininity under the bus as the LGBT community strives for equality?  Being gay is about bringing together both the masculine and the feminine sides of who you are. It is an act challenging the traditional masculine gender role.

using the title, Queen, as a pathway to explore relationship between masculinity and femininity, this book celebrates the feminine association of the gay culture. The title Queen is political in nature, and refers to a female sovereign of an independent state. She is the head of the monarchy. The ruling Queen symbolizes a powerful female who, against all odds, is able to rise above the patriarchal domination. Within the gay community, the title queen denotes an exceptional individual with fearless personality who takes charge of who they are. A Queen embraces femininity and does not conform to the patriarchal standard of masculinity.

Define: Queen includes both surveys and interviews, asking gay men what does the word Queen mean to them. It is a visual exploration of the femininity in gay culture. Define: Queen is above all, unapologetically gay.